Group Riding Rules

Group Riding Rules

IMC Group Riding Rules:

Rider Responsibilities (All):

All members will ride with a “safety first” attitude.  The safety of all individuals, whether or not they are a part of the group, is of paramount importance. The INFINITY MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS does not condone drinking and riding, nor does it condone the consumption of any substance that will impair anyone’s ability to ride or drive in a safe manor.  Any operator of a motorcycle participating in a IMC ride who consumes alcoholic beverages or any other substance that may impair their ability to operate a motorcycle or any other motor vehicle does so without the consent of the INFINITY MOTORCYCLE CRUISERS and will be asked to leave the ride.

Any member that needs to leave the ride early shall notify the Ride Marshall and  Tail Gunner where they plan on leaving the group.  If possible be at the rear of the formation (ahead of the Tail Gunner) prior to leaving the group.  Any bikes following should move up into the standard group riding positions.
Please remember that YOU have the ultimate responsibility for YOUR safety, and always ride within your capabilities and that of your machines.


Roles and Responsibilities:

Ride Marshall’s:

Each IMC planned ride shall have an appointed Ride Marshall and an appointed Tail Gunner.
No one Left Behind Rule:  The Ride Marshall  is responsible to ensure that a head count is taken prior to commencement of the ride in order to ensure that there will be no member of the ride left behind.  The Ride Marshall will attempt to establish and maintain a uniform speed; consistent with the ability of the least experienced rider, surrounding conditions, the posted speed limit, the bikes on the ride, and safe riding practices.
The Ride Marshall should establish before the ride,  the abilities of the people and the bikes themselves prior to departure, especially concentrating on new riders, new members and visitors to the ride. The Ride Marshall should continually check their mirrors to insure the formation is in good shape. If for any reason the group becomes separated, Ride Marshall’s will look for safe opportunities to bring the group back into formation (slow down or change lanes).
In the event of an accident or other serious issue, the Ride Marshall will maintain overall control of the situation until relieved by the proper authorities.


Tail Gunners:

The Tail Gunner is responsible to ensure all riders in the group remain with the group.
If any rider must pull over immediately, only the Tail Gunner will accompany that rider to a stop. The ride Marshall should be informed if he or she is not aware of this situation.  Once the Ride Marshall is informed, he or she will pull the group over as soon as it is safe to do so.  When changing lanes, the Tail Gunner will change lanes at the first safe opportunity, taking the lane for the group, and allowing the Ride Marshall to see that the lane is clear and protected.

Road Rules:

Groups will maintain staggered formation.
All riders will maintain a safe distance and lane position between themselves and the rider directly ahead  consistent with existing road, traffic, and weather conditions.  If for any reason the group becomes separated,  merge safely back into the formation,  returning to your original position,  using known good safety practices. The Ride Marshall will be aware and adjust accordingly once they are clear of the passed vehicle.


REMEMBER! Too much following distance can be just as bad as, and frequently is WORSE, than too little following distance. Too much following distance INVITES cars into the formation, splitting it up in traffic. And if we don’t control our lane space, the cars WILL take it away from us. Be prepared!  Consider the person in the rear view mirror to be your anchor, and the one in front is your guide. Be responsible for everyone’s safety by being safe yourself.